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The use of the Internet has grown immensely and continues to grow. A lot of companies are engaging in e-commerce today and as such, they are undertaking a variety of risks. Insurance for online businesses and e-commerce websites is therefore becoming increasingly essential. Whether you have a large e-commerce website or a small one, the risks are the same as well as the legal liabilities. We at Insurance Daily focus on the insurance needs of e-businesses to protect themselves, their customers and their online information. Our insurance packages offer coverage for the risks involved with conducting business on the internet to make sure that you are provided with maximum protection for your business as well as your customers.

Some of the risks that your company can suffer from due to the fact that it is an e-business include:

  1. Loss of reputation
  2. Loss of revenue
  3. Public disclosure of private information
  4. Slander
  5. Copyright infringement
  6. Theft of data

Why should you choose Insurance Daily? 

You will need the insurances services of Insurance Daily if:

  1. The majority of your business activities are conducted on the internet.
  2. You send and receive business information by email.
  3. If you send and receive payments via your website.

You might be wondering why you should choose Insurance Daily to meet your insurance needs. Here are some of the reasons why Insurance Daily are the best company to focus on the insurance needs for your business. 


No Time Consuming Paperwork

We can get your insurance policy set-up within the same day without the need for time consuming paperwork.


Customized to Your Requirements

We make sure that we provide you with quotes that are the most suitable to your requirements.


Reliable Advice

Our expert insurance agents will use their extensive experience to provide you with reliable advice regarding your specific insurance needs.


Recent Information

Here you can also get the most recent information and news on insurances for online businesses.

In addition to the above mentioned reasons, all of our policies have been designed with the size of your business in mind so we can cater to any needs. Furthermore, you can get a free quote online.

Types of Insurance Policies Offered

Below are some of the insurances that we offer to protect your online business.

Privacy Protection

One of the risks faced by online companies is keeping the personal data of clients secured. Our privacy protection will defend and settle claims against you if you fail to keep a client’s personal data secure.

Business Interruption 

This insurance covers the loss caused by a business who is unable to provide services to its customers due to a hacker attempt or another targeting attempt on the business computer system.

Infection Coverage

This insurance policy provides coverage against any negligence which results in the transmission of virus, worms, Trojans horses or logic bombs via emails, the website or other methods of the online company.

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